Why Eat Pistachios?

They are a kind of super food

It is low-calorie food and contains fibres

They improve digestion

They help in the proper function of the digestive system. Their frequent consumption will make you feel surprised with how fast you will regulate your digestive system

They improve heart function

They reduce cholesterol levels naturally if combined with a low-calorie diet. It contains L-arginine, which enhances the elasticity of the arteries and in this way lowers the risk of blood clots.

They help in weight loss

It is a snack that helps in losing weight.  They are rich in fibre, so they give the sense of saturation for a longer period of time as compared to other snacks. In comparison to other snacks, they have fewer calories.

They protect us from Type 2 Diabetes

Pistachios contain phosphorous. A cup of pistachios gives you 60% of the recommended daily calorie intake. Phosphorous contributes to transforming the proteins in amino acids as well as support your body against glucose intolerance.

They help us in having good eye-sight.

Louetin and zeaxanthin (carotenoids) act as anti-acids; therefore, they protect body tissue from damage caused by free radicals. This leads to an overall reduction of macular degeneration.

They support a healthy neural system

Pistachios produced in the region of Makri contain vitamin B6 which is essential because it produces myelin, the ‘shell’ of neural fibres. This helps nerves communicate faster and more efficiently.

They improve our blood quality

The healthy blood can make you feel less tired and vulnerable to injuries and diseases. Because of vitamin B6, they help the body to produce hemoglobin which is a basic element of the blood. This leads to the body being healthier and it is particularly beneficial for women who are prone to anemia.

They boost our immune system

Vitamin B6 can also help our immune system work effectively.  Vitamin B6 deficiency can make our immune system weak against infections and diseases.

They make the skin healthier

Their high content in Vitamin E fights free radicals and helps anti-ageing as well as good looks of the skin.


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